Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MoeGo is created for salon grooming, mobile grooming, house call grooming, or hybrid of above.

Can I access MoeGo on different devices at same time?

Yes, MoeGo is available on IOS/Andriod/Desktop. It's cloud based system, so you can access from different devices any time.
We know scheduling appoitnments for mobile groomers are headache so that we want to make sure you can do this with the least efforts! What you need to do is simply input your client information, and MoeGo smart recommendation, which is powered by MoeGo’s proprietary technology will calculate the best route based on your schedule on the calendar. Less traffic time, means more daily income!
With auto message, the system will send messages such as appointment confirmations, appointment reminders, and birthday wishes to your clients. You can customize auto-message, and you can also choose to turn off auto-message if you don't want to bother your clients. And yes, it's a 2-way communication, same like normal message.
Employees account has limited access to key information that the business owners don't want to share, but the accessibility of employee account is enough for their daily operations. However, as a owner, you are able to access to everything about your employees' account to keep you on track of your employees.
With Nearby function, you can see all your clients on the map. Even more, you can filter them down to "Near my current location, within 5 miles, who has appointment 30 days ago", or even you can find out specific group by selecting the tag. Other than current location, you can search with any address. The goal is to help you find out who you can contact to fill in the open schedules.

What's special of Notice? How does it work?

We know there are thousands of requests from clients, and you can't remember them all! Notice is to prevent you from making mistakes. You can add Notice in each appointment detail page. When you are at the client's place or starting that appointment, our app will automatically notify you.
If the recommendation date won't fit with client's schedule, all you need to do is to click the right arrow on the top, and you can find the next available dates till a time that works. Pick and select, simple like that!
Of Course, you can! first, you can add Notice to each appointment, which allows you to keep specific notes before each appointment so that you won't make unwanted mistakes. Additionally, you can also add Ticket Comments for each appointment after the service for future reference. Also, you can add private note about each client if you want to. All of these notes will only keep in your system to support your service, and won't be sent/shared to your clients.
Every new booked appointment is default to be Unconfirmed; Once your customer replied the appointment reminder message (if you have automessage turned on), our system will automatically change that appointment status to Confirmed.
Definitely, our goal is to visualize anything we can to make your business easier. You can simply go to the map page, click the search bottom on the bottom rigth corner. By using the filters such as within certain miles of radius, inactive days since last appoitnment, client tags, you'll see all target existing clients you are looking for.
Yes! We know it is important to get a overview of the month. Tap on "Today", on the push down calendar , you will see the monthly view button.
Whenever you have unconfirmed appointment, or inactive clients, or last day of the repeat appointment, etc, we will keep you notified.
There will be a unique number assign to you. And that number won't change during your use of MoeGo service.
As a owner account, you can create appointment for your employee vans. You can assign the appointment to specific employee during smart scheduling process.
Employee van account is not allow to create appointment; have not access to clients and pet list; The employee account can only access the appointment and clients that assigned to them.
For credit card processing, we use the third party payment processor Stripe. The percentage stripe charge is 2.90% + 30cents for each transaction.