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Changelog Vol. 12: January 20 - February 29, 2024

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New Features

🧡 A Unified Experience with MoeGo Orange

MoeGo Platform
✅ Web Version
✅ Mobile App

We have unified our web and app versions with a vibrant splash of MoeGo Orange. This isn't just a color update; it's a whole new way to experience our service. With the new look, you will have a unique pet care operation workflow and experience across the board, with enhanced visual accessibility to brighten up your day.  Share your love and thoughts with us here!

New UI update (1)

🔔 Dispute Notification for Seamless Dispute Tracking

MoeGo Pay
Web Version
✅ Mobile App

We are excited to introduce our Dispute Notification feature, which delivers instant alerts for card processing disputes, enabling you to stay informed with peace of mind. This feature brings to your fingertips:

  • 🚨 Instant Alerts: Receive immediate notifications to stay ahead of any card processing disputes.
  • 📆 Effortless Tracking: View updates of dispute and inquiry statuses at a glance.
  • 🔍 Clear Dispute Management: Navigate disputes with time and status filters.

Simply click on a dispute notification in your notification inbox, or access the list of payment disputes in Card processing > Transaction activity > Dispute. Learn more about it here.

Dispute Notification (1)


💳 Process Payment Toggle in Role Setting

We’ve added more flexibility to your staff’s permissions in payment processing! You can now control whether a role has access to process payment, which gives them permission to take payments, process refunds, and view invoices. Simply go to Settings > Staff > Role setting > Payment > Can process payment.

Payment Permission Settings


Bug Fixes

MoeGo App Map View Route Reflection

We’ve resolved inaccurate route reflections post-app update, ensuring precise navigation with Apple Maps.

Square Reader Stability

Make sure to update your app to version 2.9.3 on the App Store to enjoy uninterrupted transactions with Square.