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Basic features for small businesses with simple operations.


Starter including

MoeGo Smart Schedule
Map nearby clients
Credit card processor
24/7 online booking
Intake form
No-Show protection
3-Series appointment reminders
Digital agreement


Advanced features for small to mid-size businesses to boost revenue and scale operations.


Everything in Starter, plus

MoeGo Smart Schedule for recurring
Route optimization
2-Way communication
Advanced 24/7 online booking
Waiting list
Mass text
Rebook reminder
Repeat expiry reminder
Smart filters for client list
Marketing campaign
Send ETA
Online booking abandon list
Service charges


The most complete MoeGo Platform for brand conscious businesses.


Everything in Growth, plus

Unlimited auto message
Branded phone number
Advanced team management
Dedicated account manager

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Eligible new businesses get Growth Plan at a 50% discount for up to 6 months in an annual contract.

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$49 / month
$99 / month per van
$159 / month per van
Unlimited clients & pets
Unlimited appointments
Unlimited devices
up to 3 staff
Business unit
1 mobile van
1 mobile van
1 mobile van
Multi-van available
SMS included
300 SMS / van
900 SMS / van
900 SMS / van Unlimited auto message

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I love Smart Scheduling! It can make smart decisions to save money on gas and fit more dogs each day. MoeGo makes my work and life so much easier!

Chris Mills

Chris' Mobile Pet