Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MoeGo is built ground up for pet grooming businesses. MoeGo is flexible to expand while your business expands. Whether your business is a brick motor store, or mobile grooming, or house call, or hybrid, or multiple mobiles with more than 10 trailers, we can always get it for you.
Yes, MoeGo is available on iOS / Android / Desktop. It's a cloud-based system, so you can access it from different devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablets, Laptop, Computer) at any time, with unlimited devices access.
Once set up maximum driving distance & maximum driving time, MoeGo's proprietary Smart Scheduling algorithm will recommend the most efficient route with available time slots based on the schedule in your calendar. Less time traveling means more daily income!
YES! There is an option to smart scheduling for "all staff". If the customer has a preferred groomer, you can have the system to smart scheduling for one specific groomer.
YES! You can customize staff roles and permission to only access the staff's schedule. You can even set up to not enable staff to see client phone numbers (they can communicate through the built-in 2-way message center).
YES! With the feature "set certain area for certain days", you can simply draw areas on the map, set up area names, and assign these areas to certain days and certain groomers. Once it's been set up, you can even apply to online booking page, so that your customers can only request the dates you are in that area.
YES! We have 3 types of reminders to help you reduce no-show: 1st unconfirmed reminder, 2nd unconfirmed reminder, and a generic appointment reminder. You can customize the message contents and set up when to be sent (or do not send) for each reminder. The unconfirmed reminder can also automate your workflow: when the customer replied Yes/Y to the message, the appointment status will be automatically changed from "unconfirmed" to "confirmed" status. So you don't have to manage these appointments manually.
YES! MoeGo has the most powerful Online Booking feature for the grooming industry. There are varies of customizations including accept new or existing clients or both, accept dogs or cats or both, auto approve request or require approval, customize available staff, available hours, available services, customize the text and email notifications, turn on no-show protections, customize brand color, showcase gallery, set up weight limit, and many more... For mobile groomers, you have the option to set up service area, so potential customers who are not in your service will not be able to select time; You can also turn on "smart scheduling" and "certain area for certain days", so don't have to reschedule with customers who are too far away. Try this online booking demo page out😀
YES! This is one of the top features voted by thousands of groomer users. You can set up multiple agreements, set them as required (so our system will notify you if a customer hasn't signed when booking a new appointment). You can simply text a link to have your customers sign online, or sign in person on your device. We also have digital agreement built into the online booking and intake form. You can set up to require your clients to sign digital agreement (or waiver, or terms and policies, or service terms, you name it). Once it's been signed, the signature along with the agreement will be saved under the client profile. You can download or print anytime if necessary.
YES! MoeGo has integration with Stripe and Square payment. The built-in credit card processor allows you to ring up customers, hold the card on file, send invoice to pay online, charge no-show fees, and manage invoices in one place.
YES! Customers are 50% more likely go to a buiness that accept touchless payment. With the seamless credit card payment process in MoeGo, you can simply generate a link for your customers to pay online.
YES! We know how no-show is costing business, we build the feature "require card on file" for both online booking and intake form. It's super easy to require your clients to put card on file. All card numbers are encrypted and protected, MoeGo doesn't save card number on MoeGo server.
YES! There are types of permission you can customize for each staff role. For example, you can control if the staff can login and access the business, which calendar schedules to access; you can also control the sensitive info including client phone number, reports, financials, message conversations, etc.
We know there are thousands of requests from clients, and you can't remember them all! The alert note is to prevent you from making mistakes. You can add a notice on each appointment detail page. When you are at the client's place or starting that appointment, our app will automatically notify you.
YES! We know it is time consuming to track clients with different service frequencies. MoeGo Rebook Reminder is an automated reminder to help you activate inactive customers and generate more revenue.
MoeGo has a built-in message center, that you can send message back and forth with your customers. Your customers don't need to download any app, they will simply receive your reply through a regular text message.
There will be a unique number assigned to your account. Since that number won't change during your use of MoeGo service, you can actually use it as your business line.
YES! It was not available in the MoeGo1.0, we learned how important it is from many of our users feedback, so we reconstructed the data strucutre to enable this capability. It is now available in the MoeGo newest version.
Thanks for choosing MoeGo! We will try out best for your on boarding process. We will help you transfer data (for free) within 24 hours.
We will try out best for your on boarding process! You might not have clients and pets database, but don't worry, at least you can import contacts from your phone to MoeGo. After that, you can send a message to these customers with an intake form, so your customers can add pets, upload images, documents. With just 1 click, you can save the profile into your system.
We work 7 days a week. We love to talk to our users, help them to best use MoeGo. We value our success by how much value we delivered to our users. We love to hear our users' feedback and improve the software based on the feedback. PS: we are probably the ONLY company in the industry that provides 7 days support :D
YES! We have articles, videos, guides, best practices ready, you and your team member can access anytime! We also host live training webinars (Join our user community to stay updated) Plus, MoeGo is built to be easy & user-friendly, lots of the operations are self-explanatory.
Our pricing is simple 😉 The Free version covers all basic features with no time limit. You only need to upgrade if you would like to use premium features like reminders, pay online, digital agreement, online booking, etc. The premium plan: Beginner $39/month, and Rising Star $69/month. The difference is the SMS amount included and additional features like mass text, review booster. Unlimited staff, unlimited appointments, clients, pets included. It is a monthly subscription, no contract. 7-days happiness guaranteed 😍. You can get a full refund if it's not the best fit. Feel free to check it out:
You can purchase more messages if the included SMS is running out. The purchased SMS can be rolled over to the following months with no time limit. We understand the importance of message communications, we have increased by 50% included SMS in the newest version. We will continue the effort to bring down the message cost.
YES! We LOVE to hear that! Our mission is to empower every pet grooming business. If we can solve the problem for you, we believe it will solve for many other groomers. We launch software updates every week, 100% based on our users' feedback. Join our user community to learn the best practices to automate and streamline your workflow.