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Unlocking CRM Success: How Furry Land Orlando Uses SMS for a 387% Appointment Surge

Meet Lia Head-Rigby, the General Manager of Furry Land of Orlando & Central Florida. With Lia’s background in startups and exceptional business acumen, her strategic use of SMS has successfully helped the Orlando & Central Florida location grow into a flourishing business under the Furry Land franchise brand, with a remarkable 387% increase in appointment numbers in just one year. 

As a proud supporter of the pet care industry, we celebrate Lia's achievements and the role of features SMS Message Center, Auto Messages, Mass Text, and Grooming Report in growing Furry Land Orlando to new heights. At MoeGo, we continue to pursue innovation, empowering pet care professionals like Lia to redefine excellence in the pet care industry.

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Furry Land of Orlando & Central Florida
Owned by Mark Beatty with a team of 8 groomers




Before Grooming 

From Chaos to Clarity with the All-in-One Messaging

In the highly competitive pet grooming industry, effective communication plays a vital role in providing exceptional customer service. The Message Center, with its seamless two-way communication, allows Lia and the Furry Land Orlando team to quickly identify client needs and secure appointments. Here's how Lia uses the Message Center to streamline her daily operations:

  • Client list for simplified navigation and a real-time message queue
  • All conversations in one place for easy access to information
  • Chat widget powered by AI assistant for efficient responses and maximized productivity
  • Client info at a glance, allowing for quick identification from client profiles
  • Chat filter to keep the message stream clean and organized


Customized Automation for Tailored Experiences

“I think it's all of the personalization options that helped me grow the business, like, you can put in the names in brackets name to customize and I have not seen a lot of tools that can personalize so well." - Lia Head-Rigby

Lia relies on Auto Message as the initial means of communication, providing vital details and establishing clear customer expectations. She customized the auto-message system with four sets of messages:

  • New Appointment Confirmation
  • Appointment Rescheduling
  • Appointment Cancellation
  • Client-Confirmed Appointment

Each set uses a template customized by Lia to generate personalized messages that are sent to pet parents. This automated touchpoint guarantees a seamless beginning to the customer journey, enhancing overall satisfaction and efficiency.

Fewer No-Shows, More Preparedness

Lia understands the importance of keeping pet parents well-informed and prepared for their grooming appointments. To ensure a smooth and seamless experience, Pet parents with scheduled appointments at Furry Land Orlando receive two automated reminders

  • 1st reminder sent 4 days before the appointment: provide a gentle nudge and allow clients ample time to make any necessary arrangements
  • 2nd reminder sent on the day of the appointment: serve as a final prompt and ensure that clients don't overlook their furry friend's grooming session


During Grooming

“There's always constant communication from the groomers. It could be something like we’re sending little update pictures and the clients just love it.” - Lia Head-Rigby

Proactive Updates for Informed Mobile Grooming Experiences

Furry Land Orlando's groomers actively engage in two-way communication with clients through SMS. They provide estimated time of arrival (ETA) updates via SMS. This proactive approach ensures that clients are well-informed about when the grooming van will arrive, allowing them to make necessary preparations, such as giving their pet enough time to go potty before the grooming session.

If an appointment needs to be delayed, they promptly inform the pet parents via SMS with a well-crafted message template to provide transparency: "Our appointment before yours required a few extra self-care minutes which means we are running a bit behind. We will let you know when we are on our way to you shortly. Thank you for your patience and know that we will give your fur baby the same amount of attention if need be."



After Grooming

Elevating Customer Satisfaction and Building Stellar Reviews

“We use the before and after pictures a lot. We also love the review function. It's amazing. I think it has already helped us build 140+ reviews.” - Lia Head-Rigby

To provide a personalized touch, Lia makes sure that every pet parent gets a detailed Grooming Report to clients via SMS. These reports include:

  • Before and after pictures
  • Pet condition checks
  • Mood & Behavior Tracking
  • Rebook Reminder
  • Review Booster


Lia finds the Grooming Report particularly helpful for building reviews. At the end of each Grooming Report, pet parents are kindly asked to share their experience by submitting a review. These reviews not only benefit Furry Land Orlando by building trust and improving their services, but they also help potential clients make confident decisions and ensure that their pets receive top-notch grooming care. 


Beyond Grooming

Building Disney-Level Loyalty, One Text at a Time

“We live in a Mickey Mouse world down here, and our clients expect Disney-level customer service. I like to put little bubbles in our marketing to twist the words. Instead of saying, 'Hi, would you like to book?' we say, 'Hi, it's spaw-time for Archie! Are you ready again?'" - Lia Head-Rigby

Lia leverages Mass Text to send promotional messages to clients, keeping them informed about special offers, discounts, or new services. Given that Orlando is home to both Universal Studios and Disneyland, Lia's approach to marketing involves infusing creativity and whimsy into their messaging. Instead of using generic booking requests, she likes to put a playful spin on their texts. This personalized touch adds a touch of magic, making pet parents feel special and engaged.

During the holiday season, Lia utilizes the festive spirit by sending mass texts to their client base. These messages spread holiday cheer and offer exclusive holiday-themed promotions. By leveraging SMS during peak seasons, Furry Land Orlando generates excitement and builds customer loyalty.

Keeping the Conversation Going Even Without Appointments

Lia adopts a proactive approach to lead management by keeping leads open in the Message Center even when they haven't made an appointment yet. That means, even when the message history is only about answering a potential client’s question, Lia would still keep the chat open and keep their contact info on file.

When sending out mass texts with updates and promotions, every individual on their contact list receives the latest information. By doing so, Lia ensures that no opportunity for engagement is missed and that every potential customer is empowered with timely knowledge about the business.


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