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How Nails 2 Tails Shaped MoeGo’s Discount Code Feature for Multi-Location Operations

Chris and his wife Lori opened their first Nails 2 Tails location in 2020. Today, they have successfully expanded Nails 2 Tails into a thriving enterprise with 3 locations in Edinburg, Mission, and McAllen, TX, supported by a dedicated team of 28 staff members.

But growth isn’t easy, especially given the past few years of pandemic and economic uncertainty. So, how did they do it? It all comes down to perseverance, dedication, passion, and partnership with the right technology.

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Nails 2 Tails
3 locations with a team of 28 staff members



From Power User to Innovating Discount Codes with MoeGo

Driving Innovation: Bringing Discount Code to Life

"We have been asking for a discount code since we switched over to you. We're super excited that you listened and made it possible."  

We owe a huge thank you to Chris and Lori for being the driving force behind the amazing Discount Code feature! Their valuable input and collaboration with MoeGo have made this feature a reality. Their firsthand involvement has been instrumental in shaping features that cater directly to the needs of the MoeGo Community.

Driving Sales Success: 1100+ Discount Code Sales in 3 Months

Three months following the launch of the discount code, Nails 2 Tails has achieved impressive results, generating 1100+ sales and accumulating $6,000+ in discounted sales revenue. Chris and Lori strategically organized their discount codes into distinct categories, each offering varying discount percentages, ensuring a tailored approach to their promotional efforts.

discount list

Upholding PAWS and SCENT 5-Point as Mission

PAWS & SCENT 5-Point

PAWS is a phrase that Nails 2 Tails Grooming lives by. 

"We are not just a typical grooming salon. Our passion for animals is what allows us to easily commit the best possible experience! Our team is built by finding like-minded people that share in that passion." - Nails 2 Tails Mission Statement

  • P - Provide the safest environment for pet guests at all times
  • A - Always be 100% transparent with our customers
  • W - Win over our pet parents and pet guests by building relationships
  • S – Offer and recommend the right services by completing the SCENT 5-point (skin condition, coat condition, eyes, ears, nails and teeth) check-in.


Streamlining Customer Feedback with Review Booster

"We share customer reviews in our team chats and they all get excited. There's definitely an increasing amount of reviews we've gotten on Google and Facebook because of this feature."

Nails 2 Tails is a power user in the Review Booster feature. Chris and Lori emphasized how this tool has made it easier to gather actionable feedback, enabling them to swiftly address any concerns and acknowledge positive experiences. This direct line to customer insights has helped them build a stronger, more responsive service. For the three locations, Nails 2 Tails has generated:

  • 3793 reviews for the Edinburg location
  • 2303 reviews for the Mission location
  • 946 reviews for the McAllen location

reviews (1)

Managing Multi-Locations 

Promotions Across Locations

With multiple locations, maintaining consistency in promotions and customer experience can be challenging. With MoeGo’s unified system, Chris and Lori are implementing discounts across all their salons effortlessly. This consistency is crucial for building a reliable brand that customers trust, no matter which location they visit.


Team Management & Enhancing Operations with Data Synchronization

Participating in the beta testing for MoeGo's multi-location synchronization feature has been a game changer for Nails 2 Tails, which allowed Chris and Lori to:

It allowed for seamless communication and data sharing across their salons, significantly improving their service coordination and operational management. 

For multi-location owners like Chris and Lori, we invite you to join our multi-location waitlist.


Questions? Contact your MoeGo Customer Success Manager via email or phone, or leave us a message at We’re always here to help.


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