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What's the Meows x MoeGo: Mercedes’s Sucess in the Feline Care World

Two MoeGoers, Cheer from Customer Success and Feier from Marketing, recently joined the feline grooming professional Mercedes Schenk at her 🎧 podcast What’s the Meows. In this episode, they talked about MoeGo's unique customizable features and how they played a pivotal role in Mercedes' remarkable journey to success in the feline grooming world.



Explore Feline Grooming with Mercedes 🐈

Bonus point: This blog is co-written with Mercedes, our feline grooming specialist. 



The Silent Struggles of Feline Grooming: Navigating the Unique World of Cat Care

Cats are known for their independence and self-sufficiency, which can create a misconception that they don't require as much grooming attention as other pets. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Feline grooming poses its own unique set of challenges.

From handling the delicate nature of feline fur to understanding their specific grooming needs, it's a delicate process of building trust, handling the occasional hissy fit, and maintaining their health and comfort, all of which make feline grooming a fascinating yet often underrated facet of pet care.


The Challenges Mercedes Faced as a Feline Grooming Specialist

Challenge #1: Surviving in a dog-centric world

“I had to change my business name to The Meow Mobile, because people kept calling me to groom their dogs.”

In a pet grooming industry that overwhelmingly caters to dogs, Mercedes faced an uphill battle. On popular platforms like Yelp and Google, there's no cat-grooming option when it comes to listing her grooming service. She eventually had to change her business name to The Meow Mobile, making it obvious that she is a cat-only grooming professional.

It's a constant battle against the stereotype that grooming is all about dogs. But here's the thing – cat grooming is not a gimmick. It's a real need that deserves attention and recognition. Yet, it's been overshadowed by the dog-focused world we live in. 


“When I start setting up my profile on MoeGo, I can actually go in there and totally remove the dog option. It's just so profound to me because literally nobody else is doing that right now.”
🐱 The Customizable Nature of MoeGo


What set her journey apart was MoeGo's customizable nature, which allowed her to build a profile focused solely on feline grooming, effectively erasing the dog option. We recognized the need to give cat groomers and grooming professionals of other unique species the visibility they deserve, enabling them to attract clients who specifically seek out for their special services.


Challenge #2: Shedding light on the 46:1 ratio disparity

“For every 46 dogs receiving grooming care, just a single cat receives the same attention.”

When we analyzed the data for the first half of 2023, we were confronted with a startling reality: the ratio of dog grooming appointments to cat grooming appointments stood at an alarming 46:1. This means that while approximately 2 million dogs 🐶 received our grooming services, only around 50,000 cats 🐱 were groomed during that period.

“You know, honestly, as a cat groomer, I can say I see the data. I am living the data, which is again, it's just wow.” Mercedes validated the numbers. 

The lack of representation for cat grooming may stem from various factors, including societal biases, stereotypes, and the dominance of dog-centric content and services in popular culture. Cats are magnificent creatures that deserve to be celebrated, and we want to play a role in shifting the narrative and giving them the recognition they deserve. 


“I've been continuously impressed by how you really use your platform to prioritize and encourage feline hygiene, which is so great because cat groomers are finally getting noticed, finally getting celebrated and finally getting recognized.”
🌎 The Influence of MoeGo Community


In their joint efforts, we were able to partner up with Mercedes to leverage her expertise and utilize the MoeGo community’s influence to bring attention to the often-overlooked realm of cat grooming. Through the Petrepreneur Program and co-writing blogs, we continuously educate the grooming community about the benefits of regular grooming for cats, paving the way for increased awareness and recognition of feline grooming. 


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🏆 The Petrepreneur Certification Program

Check out how Mercedes's cat grooming business is shaping a better future for feline care.


Challenge #3: The high level of personal attention in feline grooming

“I have many cats who have ridiculous preferences for very specific things.”

When it comes to feline grooming, personal attention is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Mercedes knows this all too well - she shares an example of a cat whose behavior changed during Monday appointments due to the stress caused by the owner’s son's dogs visiting. Thanks to the customizable pet codes, Mercedes now has the information on record to make informed decisions and ensure the best experience for both the cats and their owners.


“I literally upgraded the system just so I could customize my grooming report. I customize the pet codes to say stuff like "absolutely perfect" or 'spicy; for my spicy cat that needed some time to chill out."
📝 Pet Codes & Grooming Report


One of Mercedes’ favorite feature, the Grooming Report, also steps in as a solution for the need for meticulous customization and adaptability in the grooming process in the feline grooming world. By documenting the pet's behavior and mood during the grooming session, it becomes easier to understand their individual needs. Additionally, any observations about the pet's well-being can be noted, ensuring that their health and happiness are always prioritized. “I customize the pet codes to say stuff like "absolutely perfect" or “spicy” for my spicy cat that needed some time to chill out.” With its customization options and attention to detail, Mercedes ensures that every grooming session is tailored to meet the specific requirements of each furry client.


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