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Mobile Grooming Made Effortless: Driving Time & Distance on MoeGo App

In the world of mobile grooming, time is the essence. Every appointment, every route, and every minute in between counts. We understand the headache of manually calculating driving time and distances between appointments. That's exactly why we're thrilled to introduce a new enhancement that makes managing mobile appointments easier and faster than ever before: Driving Time & Distance are now on MoeGo app!

In this blog, we will take a look at how this new enhancement can help give you back control over your schedule, enhance your planning, and ultimately provide a more smooth grooming experience for both you and your clients.


What’s New

1) Driving Time & Distance on Calendar and Map View

We understand the importance of precise scheduling in your mobile grooming business. That's why we have the Driving Time & Distance feature on both the calendar and map views. Here's what this means for you:

Visual Clarity

Instantly view your driving time and distance directly on your calendar and map views. This intuitive display can help you make better-informed decisions about your appointments.

Automated Precision

No more manual calculations! The MoeGo App now automatically calculates and displays drive time & distance between appointments for you. This is accuracy meeting efficiency, right at your fingertips.

2) Add Buffer Time 

Time management just got more flexible. With the new buffer time feature, you're in control of your schedule like never before:

Seamless Planning

Effortlessly add buffer time for add-on services, quick clean-ups, or a well-deserved break to your schedule. Your day becomes more organized, and you're better prepared to offer your exceptional services.

Maximized Efficiency

Whether it's fine-tuning your appointments or ensuring you have time to organize, buffer time empowers you to optimize your day according to your needs.

Driving time & distance (1)

How to Set it Up

Ready to see driving time & distance on your app? Visit the MoeGo Wiki for detailed steps and information. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this enhancement available to all users of the MoeGo App?

It’s available to Growth and Ultimate Plan users.

Is there a tutorial or guide on how to use the Driving Time & Distance feature?

Yes, there is a detailed step-by-step guide on our wiki page.

Is the driving time displayed in real-time or based on average estimates?

The driving time displayed is based on an average estimation.

Will the app take into consideration factors like traffic and road conditions when calculating drive time?

Absolutely, our driving time calculations leverage map integrations familiar to your smartphone. This estimation considers a range of factors, including traffic and road conditions, to provide accurate results.

If I need to adjust my appointment times, will the driving time update automatically?

The driving time estimation is based on an average and won't dynamically adjust if you modify appointment times without altering the starting and ending locations.

Can I export the driving time and distance information to share it with clients or colleagues?

Currently, we don't support direct exporting of driving time and distance. However, you can easily capture the calendar screen and share it with clients or colleagues via a screenshot.

Can I set a default buffer time that applies to all my appointments, or does it need to be added individually?

For now, Adjustments to buffer time would need to be made manually for each appointment. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration as we continue to refine our features.


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