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Lessons Learned from Cloud Grooming Guide:  Pet Styling Visual Resource

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If you've ever found yourself 🗣️ explaining the different coat lengths to your clients or 🧐 trying to understand what they meant by “short but not too short,” you're not alone. In the world of pet grooming, words like "short," "medium," and "long" often take on new dimensions and complexities – It's not just about getting the perfect look, but finding the balance between pet parents’ expectations and each pet's distinctive lifestyle. 

That's where Jules, the owner of Cloud Grooming, comes in. Being in the grooming business for over a decade, she had experienced countless moments where clients would struggle to articulate their desired style. Understanding the challenge when communicating the perfect coat length that aligns with everyone’s expectations, Jules created the Cloud Grooming Guide – a comprehensive visual guide for both grooming professionals and pet parents. This book serves as a go-to reference for choosing a length that is aesthetically lifestyle-compatible and making informed decisions that will keep our furry companions healthy and happy. 


About Jules

Jules, the owner of Cloud Grooming in Seattle, WA, brings over 10 years of professional pet styling experience. From competitive grooming to learning Asian Style techniques, the latest chapter of Jules' journey has been the co-creation of the Cloud Grooming Guide with her wife Laur. 

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First Things First, What is Included in the Cloud Grooming Guide?

🏆 The Cloud Grooming Guide was recently nominated for Barkleigh’s Best New Book 2023!

Here's a sneak peek into what is offered in the book:


Comprehensive Visual Reference

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With 26 full-color pages, this guide includes 32 photos from 4 different angles, making it an ideal reference for both pet stylists and pet parents.

A Tailored Maintenance Chart


From brushing frequency to the optimal schedule for baths & tidying sessions, the eight individual maintenance pages offer a roadmap to maintaining each style.

Conversion Tables and Charts

image_6487327 (1)

Navigating guard comb conversions and corresponding length charts has never been easier. This section is specifically designed for you to effortlessly translate your creative vision into precise measurements. 


Benefits of Having a Guide Book

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👀 Visual Reference for Communication

The Cloud Grooming Guide offers visual references of different coat lengths, facilitating clearer communication between you and pet parents. With visual references, both parties can have a shared understanding of the desired outcome, reducing the chances of miscommunication or misunderstandings.

💬 Streamlined Consultation Process

With the Cloud Grooming Guide as a reference tool, you can save time and effort in explaining and visualizing different coat lengths to their clients. The guide streamlines the consultation process, so you can focus more on what you love - delivering high-quality care and services.

🙌 Supports Decision Making

The Cloud Grooming Guide assists you and pet parents in making informed decisions about coat lengths. It offers insights into different styles and helps you and pet parents choose the most suitable option based on factors such as the pet’s breed, lifestyle, and preferences.

💯 Quality and Consistency

By following the guidance in the Cloud Grooming Guide, it is easy to ensure consistency in your work. The guide helps establish standard grooming practices and ensures that consistent results are produced across different clients and appointments.

📚 At-Home Care Educational Resource 

Beyond serving grooming professionals, the guide can be used as an educational tool for your clients. Sharing insights from the guide with pet parents would be beneficial for fostering a better understanding of grooming options and maintenance requirements.


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