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How 2 Princess Pet Grooming Expands into Daycare to Deliver an Even Better Customer Experience

The founder of 2 Princess Pet Grooming & Boutique, Komni He, is certainly no stranger to hospitality. Before she stepped foot in the pet care business, she had more than a decade of experience in fine dining restaurant management. 

“I switched to pet grooming and worked at a salon for 2 years before opening my salon in August 2022. Now, we’re ready to launch our new location in March.”

Of course, Komni's strategic use of Review Booster and Reserve with Google isn't the only reasons for 2 Princess’s success. The team’s commitment to customer satisfaction, genuine love for pets, remarkable talent, relentless hard work, and belief that every pet deserves the very best have all worked together to get the business where it is today. 

2 Princess Pet Grooming & Boutique
An 8-member team led by Komni (left) and her partner Betty (right)



A Bright and Warm Playground-Like Salon by Design

Comfort and Happiness as Priority 

Walking into 2 Princess Pet Grooming & Boutique’s salon in Malvern East, Australia feels like you’re in a bright and warm playground — and that’s by design. Komni insists on an open floor plan for all her locations. 

“It’s really important that the dogs feel comfortable and happy to come here,” Komni said. “We want to create a place where people can see and even touch the dogs like they’re in a playground.” 

A Daycare Built for Interaction

The salon is designed to be welcoming and comfortable, for both pets and their owners. It is built by elements including:

  • An open floor filled with natural light streaming in through large windows
  • A daycare fenced with interactive elements, which allows pets and humans to interact and socialize freely
  • An available staff member at the playground with the dogs for enrichment activities and safety supervision


2,000+ Reviews Thanks to the Review Booster

Customer-Centric at its Core

“2 Princess Pet Grooming & Boutique stands out because of our mission and people. Coming from a hospitality background, I always prioritize customer satisfaction and go all out when it comes to communication.” Komni shared.

When faced with a client request that may not suit the current condition of the dog, she takes the time to go above and beyond to explain and align expectations.

The result? Happy clients who not only willingly pay for the services but are also excited to return.

Building Reviews with Review Booster

Over the 18 months of opening, 2 Princess Pet Grooming & Boutique has received over 2,000+ reviews on MoeGo and 150+ reviews on Google, all with an average rating of 4.9. All reviews mentioned three things: “good communication,” “thorough,” and “attentive.”  

“The Review Booster literally helped me build my reviews. It automatically sends out review requests to clients after the appointment. Even not everyone may leave a review, the number of reviews I've gathered wouldn't have been possible without MoeGo."


Secret to Success = Google Reviews + Reserve with Google Integration

One secret to their success lies in their integration with Reserve with Google, where pet parents can directly book from Google Search and Map after reviewing the reviews. 2 Princess Pet Grooming & Boutique has generated 300+ bookings from its Reserve with Google integration, and the business has become one of the most popular grooming salons in Malvern East, Australia. 

With increasing demand and a growing clientele, Komni soon recognized the need to expand her business to accommodate all dogs, especially large breeds who would benefit from a separate daycare playground. Believing that all dogs deserve the best, she made the decision to add another location with a spacious, divided daycare area, while keeping grooming services as the main focus.


A New Location for a Bigger Daycare Playground and More Happy Pups

“One of my happiest moments is when dogs come running towards me for their appointments. That’s why we’re getting a new location. We believe that daycare is a natural addition to a grooming salon.”

A new location dedicated to a bigger playground for grooming clients is in the works with a planned launch date in March, 2024. The open floor space will be thoughtfully divided into different sections, each catering to specific needs, including but not limit to:

  • By breed size: large breeds vs small breeds
  • By behavior: separate dogs with special needs
  • By grooming status: pre-grooming and post-grooming

In addition, one of the sections will be dedicated to enrichment activities and personal training. From interactive puzzle toys to 1 on 1 training sessions, these activities will provide dogs with the mental and physical stimulation they need to thrive.

But that's just the beginning of our exciting journey! As we continue to expand with the support of Komni and our MoeGo Community, we are launching MoeGo for boarding, daycare, training. Komni will soon be utilizing MoeGo for daycare at her brand-new location.


Questions? Contact your MoeGo Customer Success Manager via email or phone, or leave us a message at We’re always here to help.


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