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Why switch to MoeGo?

Grooming Salon
Work smarter, not harder. MoeGo helps you stay organized and stress-free operation. Our high profile developer team has made sure the solution is secured and simple with minimal clicks.
Mobile Grooming
We know time is money, so we developed smart scheudling, mapping features to help you route more efficiently. According to proud MoeGo users - “MoeGo has doubled my revenue in a time matter”.
Review booster
4 out of 5 happy reviews are generated through MoeGo
More happy reviews,more sales
84% new clients say that positive reviews make then trust a local business more.
Mitigate Negative Reviews
Prevent negative experiences from reaching the review sites.
Hands off
Automatically thank customers with survey through hand-crafted messages.
Message reminder & call reminder
1 hour (at least) saved per day.
Fully automatic and customizable
Update with your appointment status
Online Booking
Empower your customers to book online 24/7
For existing clients, and new clients
Minimal booking steps, hassle free
Approval required, no suprise
Smart scheduling integrated (*mobile grooming only)

What else can you do with MoeGo?

Message & call reminders
We know you are always very busy, so message reminders, call reminders, fully automated as you set up.
Online booking
Have your clients easily book appointment 24/7 online. And of course you have your full control to approve the appointment request.
Smart scheduling for mobile groomers
See all your clients and appointment on the map. Save gas, groom more dogs. No more jump around many apps, just let MoeGo help you arrange best route in 10 seconds.
Repeat appointments
Easily set repeat appointments, no worries about double booking. MoeGo handle that for you.
Smart notifications
We'll notify you when a customer hasn't recently scheduled an appointment so you can re-engage them. We'll also inform you when customers don't confirm an upcoming appointment.
Employee accounts
We know employee management is not easy for multi-van owners. We made it possible to do service without viewing client's contact info.
Intelligent customer notes
No more mistakes! Create special notes and reminders unique to each customer. We alert you in a timer manner.
Check in and check out
We help you track in and out time. Your business can be more intelligent than others.
Cloud based, multi-devices access
MoeGo is a cloud based system, available on iOS, Android and desktop. You can access anywhere, from any devices.
Client list, service history
Service history, grooming notes, always keep track of records. Easy access any time.
Service agreement
Upload a signed agreement, or just send the digital agreement to have your client to sign. We made it extremely easy for you.
Email invoice
One click to email invoice to client, right after checking out the ticket.
Comprehensive report
Access how much you made, tips and taxes, who are you top spending client, etc. A report mean to help you improve business.
Rebook reminder
We'll remind you of customers you haven't seen in a while. Re-engaging clients takes less time than ever.
Review booster
Every busniess owner loves happy reviews. MoeGo's proprietary "Review booster" ensure you will shine on social media.

Our Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MoeGo is created for salon grooming, mobile grooming, house call grooming, or hybrid of above.

Can I access MoeGo on different devices at same time?

Yes, MoeGo is available on IOS/Andriod/Desktop. It's cloud based system, so you can access from different devices any time.
We know scheduling appoitnments for mobile groomers are headache so that we want to make sure you can do this with the least efforts! What you need to do is simply input your client information, and MoeGo smart recommendation, which is powered by MoeGo’s proprietary technology will calculate the best route based on your schedule on the calendar. Less traffic time, means more daily income!
With auto message, the system will send messages such as appointment confirmations, appointment reminders, and birthday wishes to your clients. You can customize auto-message, and you can also choose to turn off auto-message if you don't want to bother your clients. And yes, it's a 2-way communication, same like normal message.
Employees account has limited access to key information that the business owners don't want to share, but the accessibility of employee account is enough for their daily operations. However, as a owner, you are able to access to everything about your employees' account to keep you on track of your employees.

MoeGo Pricing


Billed Monthly $39
  • 1 Mobile Unit or Salon
  • 100 Appointments / month
  • Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Map Visualization
  • Smart Scheduling
  • Nearby - Map Your Client
  • Auto Message Reminder
  • Auto Call Reminder
  • 2-way Message (Unlimited)
  • Review Booster
  • Rebook Reminder
  • Desktop Access
  • Digital Agreement
  • Book Online
  • Lighting Customer Support
  • Member Exclusive Community

Rising Star

Billed Monthly $69
  • 1 Mobile Unit or Salon
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Plus Everything in Beginner
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

Business Elite

  • Multi-van, Multi-Locations
  • Comprehensive account system
  • Business performance tracking
  • Employee accessbility control
  • Plus Everything in Rising Star
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

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