Smart schedule

Less wandering, more bookings

Find the best available time slot, make edits, book repeat appointments... All within a few clicks.


Take the hassle out of scheduling. Find best availability fast and easy.


Minutes matter. Reduce gaps in your schedule to maximize productivity.

In control

Set up your preference and parameters to schedule the way you want it.

Fetch best availability with 1 click

See and schedule your clients at a glance with the smart waitlist that provides real-time best availability recommendations and auto-fills relevant details for you.

Save gas and minimize driving

Never worry about route planning for your day again. Use route optimization for the appointment routes that work best for you, ensuring you take the fastest and shortest directions possible.

MoeGo Route™

Plan your zones and optimize your route

Make your days your own even when you’re on the move, all with designated service areas for specific dates to effortlessly manage your service offering schedules.

Staff shift with service area

Certain area for certain days

What's not to love? As a small business, MoeGo provides invaluable assistance in tracking my appointments and charges, along with its mapping feature and the ability to set specific areas for certain days.

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