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Changelog Vol. 4: September 22 - October 5, 2023


September 22 - October 5, 2023

Changelog Vol. 4

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New Features

changelog_reserve with google

Online Booking x Reserve with Google

Online Booking
Available on desktop

We're thrilled to announce Online Booking’s integration with Reserve with Google.  As the very first platform in the pet industry to offer the integration, this powerful collaboration is set to help you unlock the millions of potential customers searching the grooming services you offer through Google Search & Maps, by giving them a way to book with you directly. 

By syncing your MoeGo Business Profile with your Google Business Profile, you will have a "BOOK ONLINE" button that will take potential clients directly from Google Search & Maps to your MoeGo Online Booking site. Visit wiki to set it up.



Grooming Report Review and Tracking

Online Booking
Available on desktop

We've upgraded the Grooming Report for reviews! We understand the importance of staying connected with your clients and ensuring their feedback is readily accessible. Now, when you send a grooming report, you'll receive a notification each time one of your clients submits a review. This immediate feedback loop allows you to stay attuned to their comments and suggestions, helping you respond promptly and maintain excellent customer relationships.

Additionally,  we've made it easier for you to track the grooming reports you send out. You can now effortlessly monitor the status of each report, ensuring that it has been successfully sent to the intended recipients. This feature provides you with the peace of mind that your crucial reports are reaching their destination. Additionally, you'll be able to gauge the engagement of your clients by knowing how many times the report has been viewed. This insight into report views can help you tailor your follow-up actions and ensure that your clients receive the best possible service.




Automatically Send Receipts for Fully Paid Invoices

Auto Message
Available on desktop 

You can now set up automatic receipt delivery when an invoice is paid in full. Once you've enabled Auto Message, you'll have the power to set up automatic receipt delivery for invoices that have been paid in full. You can also tailor the message content to align with your specific preferences, ensuring that the communication retains your brand's tone and professionalism. This means that the moment a client settles their invoice, the system will send the receipt on your behalf. No more juggling receipts – it's a seamless, hands-free process.


Bug Fixes

Online Booking Fixes for Salon & Mobile Setting

We have fixed the bug where some salon users were able to access mobile grooming settings in their accounts.