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Changelog Vol. 2: August 24 - September 6, 2023


August 24 - September 6, 2023

Changelog Vol. 2

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New Features

Next-day pay out

Next-Day Payout with MoeGo Pay

MoeGo Pay
Available on desktop & mobile

With Next-Day Payout, all transactions processed through MoeGo Pay will be received on the next business day, ensuring faster payment reception without any additional charges. To find out if you are eligible and learn more about the details, please visit our wiki page.


Service-charge (1)

Attaching Service Charge to Appointments

Available on desktop & mobile

The Service Charge feature has successfully completed its beta testing phase and is now accessible to all users. You now have the power to effortlessly add service charges to appointments, either manually or automatically, without any impact on your basic service prices or commissions.

To get started, follow our step-by-step guide for easy setup.




Abandoned Booking List: New Filters 

Online Booking
Available on desktop 

We have an improved filtering system for the Abandoned Booking List. With this enhancement, you can now effortlessly filter the list based on client type, abandonment stage, status, date, and last contact time. Check here for detailed instructions on how to apply these filters.



Abandoned Booking List: Mass Messages with Templates

Online Booking
Available on desktop 

We have recently added mass message sending to the Abandoned Booking List to help you better reach potential clients. This feature allows you to send texts or emails in bulk as per your preferences. To further streamline the process, we have included a collection of recovery-focused text and email templates for your convenience. For more in-depth information on how to utilize this feature, please refer to our wiki page.


Bug Fixes

Route Optimization

We have addressed two bugs in Route Optimization for mobile grooming:

  1. Route Optimization can automatically avoid “blocks” on the calendar.

  2. You can now seamlessly schedule appointments for two pets starting at the same time, utilizing Route Optimization to seamlessly integrate them into your daily calendar.

Role Settings for Abandon Booking Deletions

We have made adjustments to our client deletion role settings. Based on user feedback and to enhance flexibility, staff members without the "can delete client" role can now delete abandoned records from the Abandoned Booking List.