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Turn Unfinished Bookings into Revenue: How Ruff Life Recovered $22,000+ with Abandoned Booking List

Transforming 332 abandoned bookings into $22,935 in revenue in 30 days is no small feat. Meet Chris Elias, owner of The Ruff Life. To Chris, the goal was simple: to use technology to create a grooming experience that’s better than the pen-and-paper-based systems for both pet parents and grooming professionals.

At MoeGo, we take pride in being part of Chris’s journey and recognizing the pivotal roles Abandoned Booking List, Marketing Campaigns, Smart Filters, and AI Assistance play in his journey. As these powerful features have provided Chris with the means to recover missed opportunities, drive revenue growth, and cultivate a long-lasting client relationship, we continue to support and empower pet care professionals with inspirations and innovations.

The Ruff Life Mobile Grooming
A team of 18 groomers and 13 trucks.  




From Tracking Backouts to Understanding Customer Motivations

Question: "Why Are People Backing Out?"

“I want to know why just to help us improve our service. Was it an error on the computer? Was it the browser crashing? Was it not a soon enough appointment? Was it too expensive? What was the reason that they backed out?” - Chris Elias

When Chris first heard about the Abandoned Booking List feature, he had some hesitations. The idea of cold calling or bombarding potential customers with emails can feel a bit intrusive - it is totally natural to think that it might come across as pushy or annoying, and the last thing Chris wanted was to create a negative image for his business.

Shifting Perspectives: Stalking Customers
Understanding Customer Choices & Offer Help

But Chris is always open to new ideas and willing to give things a chance. Shifting perspectives, he realized that the Abandoned Booking List wasn't just about hounding people who changed their minds; it was an opportunity to learn more about why they backed out in the first place

Similar to receiving follow-up emails after abandoning a shopping cart or seeing targeted ads based on recent conversations, Chris and his team recognize that in today's digitally connected world, tracking online activities is not only common but necessary, and reaching out to potential clients who have expressed interest is seen as proactive rather than invasive. 

The Turning Point: Abandoned Booking List as Chris's Proactive Reach for Valuable Insights 

Chris and the Ruff Life team started reaching out to those abandoned bookings to gather feedback and insights on what was causing them to abandon their bookings. And you know what? It turned out to be a game-changer. 

For The Ruff Life, most pet parents abandoned their bookings because of the following reasons:

  • Need an appointment ASAP
  • Not enough suitable openings 
  • Need to grab pet info (vaccine records, vet info, etc)
  • Got distracted


Priority in Action: Chris's Quick Response Strategy for Client Outreach

Action: "Immediately, immediately, immediately." 

“Even if it's 10:00 at night, I'm messaging somebody because if I wanted an appointment and couldn't get one and they messaged me back saying 'hey, I can get you in.'  To those clients, I look like a hero now. So yes, I focus on that Abandoned Booking List like it's my job.” - Chris Elias

When Chris and his team receive an abandoned booking, they take immediate action. Understanding the importance of timely responses in today's fast-paced world, they prioritize reaching out to potential clients on the abandoned list. Whether it's day or night, they promptly send a concise message from their recovery template, ensuring that the client feels acknowledged and valued. They don't engage in lengthy conversations or make phone calls, respecting the client's time and preferences.

AI-Powered Message Templates: Quick, Simple, and Efficient

Understanding that abandoned bookings should not be regarded solely as missed opportunities, Chris has utilized an AI-powered message template that is both quick and efficient. Whether addressing concerns about the online booking process, offering a sooner appointment, or providing clarity on pricing, MoeGo’s AI assistance helps generate messages that resonate with individual needs.

Prime Targets & Swift Actions: Chris's Prioritization of New Clients 

If the client responds to their message, Chris and his team continue the conversation, aiming to secure an appointment as soon as possible. In fact, when it comes to the Abandoned Booking List, they prioritize new clients from the Abandoned Booking List over the regulars because the team recognizes the value of capturing new clients. They understand that these individuals have already shown interest by visiting their website and starting the booking process, making them prime targets for conversion.


Outreach Beyond Recovery: Chris's Next Step from Abandoned Booking List to Marketing Campaigns

More Than Ads: Effective Email Marketing Powered by Smart Filters

“I've always had very, very good success with marketing campaigns. It's not spam. It's not just an advertisement. We try to have a purpose for our emails and we definitely have good success with clients opening and clicking it.” - Chris Elias

Shifting from missed opportunities to proactive client engagement, Chris quickly adapted the Marketing Campaigns feature. Leveraging the Smart Filters, Chris identifies and segments pet parents based on specific criteria, such as client type, client status, or past interactions. His proficiency in utilizing the features has consistently yielded impressive results, with an outstanding open rate consistently exceeding 50%

Less is More: Bi-Monthly as the Optimal Email Frequency

Chris understands that it's crucial to not overdo it with marketing emails. Therefore, Chris and his team make sure to strike the right balance. They send marketing emails only twice a month. This way, they avoid overwhelming their recipients and respect their inbox space.

The Click Factors: Catchy Headlines, Heartfelt Messages, and Strong CTAs

Chris and his team focus on crafting catchy headlines that would make people think, "Huh, let me open this email and see what they have to say." 

For instance, they recently used a holiday-themed template to draft an email with a heartfelt message and sneaked in a "book now" button at the end of the holiday festivities. The email was sent to over 4,000+ of recipients - with a 53% open rate, the mass email powered by Marketing Campaigns generated 310 new bookings for Ruff Life.


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