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Celebrating the Best of #Pawsome2023: A Year of Achievements and Community Power

Dear MoeGo Community,

As the curtain falls for our #Pawsome2023, we’re in the spotlight applauding the true stars – You! 🌟

With immense pride and gratitude, we look back at the strides we've made, the challenges we've overcome, and the collective growth that has defined our shared experience. 


8.4M+ Appointments, 2.49M+ Pets, 1.89M+ Pet Parents

In 2023, driven by the MoeGo Community’s dedication and commitment to excellence, we’ve achieved some remarkable milestones:

56 Petrepreneurs Recognized and 20 Pet Groomers Collaborated for Mutual Growth

This year has been particularly exciting for us as we proudly issued 56 Petrepreneurs Certificates to 56 new entrepreneurs, each carving their path in the thriving pet care industry. These individuals have not only embraced their passion for pets but have also become integral members of the MoeGo community.

In a spirit of collaboration, we've joined forces with 20 grooming professionals, each with unique skillsets and expertise, to co-author our Lessons Learned blog series and insightful case studies, sharing their unique journeys and successes with our ever-growing MoeGo community. Here are some highlighted stories:

MoeGo-family_blog (1)

20 New Features, 50+ Enhancements & More

In 2023, our product team proudly developed and introduced 20 impactful new features that revolutionized our product offering. In addition, we implemented an extensive range of 50 enhancements, further refining and improving the overall user experience. In addition to these remarkable milestones, We're thrilled to share some of the most popular features among our community in 2023, including the top 3 features of the year: Grooming Report, Abandoned Booking List, and Marketing Campaigns.

We're not the only ones calling the shots when it comes to ranking the popular features. Instead, it is based on the votes from our MoeGo Community - we believe in the power of collective decision-making and actively seek input and feedback from our community members. 



Always Here for You: 30,706 Chats and Counting

Our 24/7 support team super stars have been the backbone of our commitment to exceptional service throughout 2023. In this year alone, we have successfully conducted a total of 30,706 chat sessions, all with a medium response time under 2 minutes and an impressive satisfaction rate of 97.7%.

Looking Ahead: From Grooming to Pet Care as a Whole

In 2024, we are excited to expand our focus beyond grooming to include boarding, daycare, training, and multi-location franchise management. We aim to become a one-stop destination for all aspects of pet well-being, providing services and resources that go beyond grooming to ensure the overall health and happiness of our furry friends.

Paws up for the new year,

Your MoeGo Team 🧡


👀 If you've read this far... Congrats! We have an exciting surprise for you. You can now check out your own #Pawsome2023 yearly recap in the MoeGo App. 





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